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Femtogenix Presents Novel Data on Antibody Drug Conjugates Containing Reduced Potency Payloads in Solid Tumour Models

Data demonstrate potent efficacy and favourable toxicity profile of a reduced potency, sequence-selective DNA mono-alkylator Represents a promising new approach in ADC development, specifically for the treatment of solid tumour malignancies Data presented at AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets & Cancer Therapeutics, Boston, USA HARPENDEN, England–Femtogenix Ltd, a UK biotechnology company developing the next… Read more »

Femtogenix presents efficacy and toxicity data on antibody drug conjugates containing new generation of DNA-binding therapeutic payloads

1. Studies demonstrate superior efficacy and cytotoxicity of Femtogenix’s sequence-selective DNA-interactive payload molecules toward tumour cells2. Data presented at World ADC 2019, San Diego, CA Harpenden, UK, 14 October 2019: Femtogenix Ltd, a UK biotechnology company developing the next generation of DNA-interactive Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) payloads, today announced data verifying the favourable toxicity profile… Read more »

Iksuda Therapeutics and Femtogenix Sign License Agreement

NEWCASTLE, England -Iksuda Therapeutics (Iksuda), the next-generation Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) company, today announced it has signed a licensing agreement with Femtogenix Limited (FGX), the next-generation ADC payload company. As part of this agreement, Iksuda will use FGX’s sequence-selective DNA-interactive payload molecules to progress its lead ADC towards the clinic, with the aim of targeting… Read more »

Femtogenix Presents Data at AACR Annual Meeting 2018 Showing High Potency of Its New Generation DNA-Binding Payloads in Antibody Drug Conjugates

WELWYN GARDEN CITY, United Kingdom, and CHICAGO, April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Femtogenix, Ltd, a UK biotechnology company pioneering the next generation of DNA-interactive Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) payloads, today announced it will present data highlighting the high potency of its new generation of DNA binders for ADCs at the American Association for Cancer Research… Read more »

Femtogenix to present a plenary session entitled “Pyridinobenzodiazepines: A Novel Class of ADC Payloads” at World ADC San Diego 2017

Professor David Thurston, Chief Scientific Officer of Femtogenix Ltd will present data on a new class of ADC payload developed by the company. The pyridinobenzodiazepines are a sequence-specific, DNA mono-alkylating class of payload. The presentation will illustrate a payload mechanism of action new to the ADC field, potent in vitro and in vivo activity, ease… Read more »

Femtogenix traces the history of the pyrrolobenzodiazepines from discovery to use in ADCs in Angewandte Chemie review article

Femtogenix has published a review article on the development of PBD-containing Antibody-Drug Conjugates. The pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepines (PBDs) are a family of sequence-selective DNA minor-groove binding agents that form a covalent aminal bond between their C11-position and the C2-NH2 groups of guanine bases. The first example of a PBD monomer, the natural product anthramycin, was discovered in… Read more »

Femtogenix uses proprietary molecular dynamics simulation techniques to evaluate DNA sequence-selectivity of G-A cross-linking PBD-duocarmycin dimers

Femtogenix has published a research article on the use of molecular dynamics simulations to evaluate DNA sequence-selectivity of G-A cross-linking PBD-duocarmycin dimers. The pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) and duocarmycin families (CPI and CBI units) are DNA-interactive agents that covalently bond to guanine (G) and adenine (A) bases in the minor groove. These moieties have been joined together… Read more »

Prof. David Thurston Receives International Award for “Individual Input to the Field 2015/2016” at the World ADC Awards Event in San Diego

Prof. David Thurston, a leader in the field of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), has been acknowledged for his contribution to the area over the past 12 months and previous decades. His academic group synthesized the first C8/C8’-linked pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) dimer in the early 1990s, and PBD dimers are now recognized as one of the most important… Read more »

Femtogenix illustrates the potential of pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) monomeric conjugates and dimers to bind to terminal guanine bases of DNA

Femtogenix co‑authored a research article on 7th April 2016 entitled ‘Covalent Bonding of Pyrrolobenzodiazepines (PBDs) to Terminal Guanine Residues within Duplex and Hairpin DNA Fragments’. PBD molecules were traditionally thought to require a DNA triplet (e.g., 5’‑AGA‑3’) to bind to DNA. Through HPLC, MS‑MS and molecular dynamics simulation experiments, researchers demonstrated that PBD dimers and… Read more »